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Sylvia Carroll recognised for 35 years with East Cheshire Eye Society

We have recently celebrated the tireless work and achievements of our volunteers, including one amazing 35-year contribution to our charity.

Volunteers are incredibly important to our aims, bringing together a diverse range of skills, experience and knowledge. This helps us to reach more people while raising awareness about our work and building relationships within the community. It also means we can develop new ideas and approaches to our services, activities and projects.

Our charity and trustees thrive on the fulfilment which volunteers gain from their work as they become more involved in the local community, continue to develop their skills and confidence, and sometimes discover routes into employment. Volunteering in the service of others is widely known to increase a sense of wellbeing, self-esteem and satisfaction – and this certainly rings true for those dedicated to the work of our charity.

On 26 April, 21 of our volunteers (who represent 260 years of volunteering with us) came together in Congleton for a day of review, development and celebration, where we thanked them for their ongoing support and recognised their considerable achievements.

Reflecting on 35 years with ECES, Sylvia Carroll said: “I first came to live in Congleton, from Manchester, in 1981 and didn’t know anybody – but a friend of mine suggested I try volunteering. Chatting with the members, I found the memories of their lives very interesting. I have so many fun memories with East Cheshire Eye Society and have made many friends over the years – both members and volunteers – and will continue as long as I am able”.

The day culminated with awards and presentations to volunteers; and, on behalf of the entire society, our Charity Manager, Alan Chappell, thanks Sylvia for everything she has achieved, her continued support of the charity and her help for those who are visually impaired.

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