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Reading lamps and day light bulbs

Are you finding that the lighting in your home is causing unnecessary strain on your eyes? We have a range of day light bulbs and reading lamps that could help:

Daylight Bulbs 

We stock a range of DayLight energy saving bulbs. The clever daylight technology helps to reduce eye-strain, helping you to look after your eyes. It also reduces green house gases as it consumes less energy; better for your eyes and the environment!

Always Ready Night Light Torch

Always Ready 2 in 1 Night Light with Motion Sensor and Rechargable Torch

Night light with movement sensor

Night Light with Movement and Light Sensor

Night light with motion sensor

Night Light with Motion Sensor

Daylight bulb with bayonet fitting

Daylight Bulbs with bayonet or screw fitting

Daylight twist lamp

Daylight Twist Lamp

Daylight portable LED lamp

Daylight portable LED lamp with variable light temperature change

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