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Michael Bayley, a service user at East Cheshire Eye Society, recently took part in Specsavers’ review of eye services and was featured in their ‘State of the UK’s Eye Health 2022’ report.

Here’s Michael’s story…

When Michael Bayley, 65, broke his glasses, he went to his community optician to get them fixed. Michael was shocked to learn that there was a problem with the pressure in his eyes and he was referred to hospital.

After constant treatment and multiple surgeries, Michael’s ophthalmologist told him that his glaucoma had reached an advanced stage in early 2020, at which point he stopped working and driving.

When the hospital implemented changes to respond to the pandemic, Michael’s pressures were stable, so his regular appointments were reduced. But at his next appointment, ten months later than originally planned, Michael’s vision had deteriorated significantly, and he was registered as severely sight-impaired.

Understandably, these changes were confusing and stressful for Michael, but speaking to a friendly voice at East Cheshire Eye Society and getting involved in activities has given him a new lease of life.

Michael said: “I thought my life was over when I lost my sight. Now I meet other people and tell them it’s not. I’ve gone through it and if I can help one person deal with it, I’m happy”.

East Cheshire Eye Society offers a range of sight loss services for support at home, at work and in the community.

This includes:

  • Home visits

  • Social groups and activities

  • Technology advice and training

  • Equipment advice and training

  • Financial entitlements information

  • Employer and employee advice

  • Emotional support and guidance

  • Support for family and friends

Losing you sight can change your life as you know it. If you feel that you might benefit from our services, please get in touch.

Specsavers report:


Listen to Michael’s story here:

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