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If you are finding reading difficult we have a new range of products designed to help. Magnifiers come in a wide range of sizes and magnifications.

Our range of magnifiers is listed below:

Electronic magnifiers

The Pebble HD 

An HD camera providing a crisp, clear, colourful, high definition picture. A new ergonomic lightweight compact design makes it the perfect companion whether at home or on the go. Carry Pebble HD in your purse, pocket, or clip it on your belt with the included carrying case.


Pebble-mini’s ultra-compact design makes it the ideal hand-held magnifier whether you’re at home or on the go. Easily read prescriptions, mail, labels, price tags, menus and so much more. Wear Pebble-mini around your neck or carry it in your pocket or purse – the only time you’ll know it’s there is when you need it!


  • Adjustable magnification from 2x to 10x
  • Lightweight design (less than 4 ounces)
  • 3.0″ high resolution LCD display
  • Large viewing area in a small package
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Large and easy-to-use controls
  • 28 viewing modes available
  • Freeze image feature with capability to magnify and change mode
  • Image capture with save and recall
  • Upload stored images to PC
  • 2 to 3 hours of battery usage
  • Charge with USB into PC or outlet
  • Protective pouch and neck strap
  • Hands-free reading stand

Bierley Maggie

Easy to use and lightweight with a massive 7X magnification, it will fit in a pocket ready to use anywhere.

Humanware Explore 5 

This portable powerhouse is packed with many exciting features including:

  • Brilliant HD quality image on a 5″ LCD screen
  • Flip-out handle instantly switches on HD camera
  • Lines and blinds to ensure you never lose your place
  • Image gallery, store up to 1500 images to view at anytime
  • 35% more viewing area compared to a 4.3″ screen


Merlin High Definition 

This offers a superior image quality using a high definition camera and a 24″ monitor with vibrant image and better colour representation.


Mobilux magnifiers with LED light

Mobilux Magnifiers with LED Light

Pocket magnifiers with a great choice of lenses, powerful illumination and user-friendly styling. Lenses are lightweight and aspheric for a wide field of view. Coated on both sides for maximum resistance against scratches and marks.

White LED light has a much longer lifespan and is brighter than a standard tungsten bulb. A filter enables the colour of light to be adapted if required. The Mobilux body is ergonomically-designed, with a large light switch.

Supplied with protective cover. Full range from X3 to X12 magnification.

Mobase handsfree stand for Mobilux magnifier

Mobase Handsfree Stand for Mobilux Magnifier

Keeps the Mobilux magnifier at the perfect distance.

Can be used both in the flat position and in an upright position – ideal for hands-free reading or other close-up work.

Eschenbach Powerlux X5

Eschenbach Powerlux X5

Very comfortable to hold in the hand. Suitable for both left and right handers. Consistently bright and glare-free illumination.

Scratch-proof lens with high visual comfort. Supplied with protective case.

Eschenbach Scribolux X2.8 with LED

Eschenbach Scribolux X2.8 with LED

Plenty of space for writing under the lens as the lens is positioned at a spacious distance from the supporting surface and the magnifier base has an open design. Easy to move across the reading material.

With comfortable tilted lens. Bright, even and glare-free illumination. Leaves both hands free for carrying out tasks under the scratch-resistant lens without shadowing.

Eschenbach System Vario Plus

Eschenbach System Vario Plus (Various)

Bright and even illumination of the reading text provided by enclosed magnifier head made from a light material so your hand does not get too tired.

To achieve a uniform reading distance, this Eschenbach system vario plus can be used in combination with reading stand.

Eschenbach Compact folding monocular

Eschenbach Compact Folding Monocular

Easy to use.

Small size: easy to carry.

Has many uses and is the ideal companion for viewing nature or visits to the theatre or museum.

Ideal for use as a pocket magnifier with about 3x magnification by simply turning it round.

Eschenbach mobilent

Folding Magnifier with LED (various)

Magnifier for handbag and trouser pocket or for wearing around the neck.

Ideal for magnifying small print discreetly.

Coil handsfree chest magnifier

Coil Handsfree Chest Magnifier X1.7 Magnification

Large rectangular area of magnification – 145 x 105mm.

Enables hand free use for handicrafts, knitting and all those tasks which require both hands to be free under the magnifying lens.

Eschenbach hands free chest magnifier X2 magnification

Eschenbach Handsfree Chest Magnifier X2 Magnification

Ideal for handicrafts, knitting and all those tasks which require both hands to be free under the magnifying lens.

The round-the-neck cord can be adapted to suit individual requirements.

Eschenback TVMax

Eschenbach TVMax

Comfortable to wear and will not slip down during use due to easily adjustable temples.

Ideal for reading subtitles and all text on the TV screen.

Eschenbach MaxDetail

Eschenbach MaxDetail

These hands-free, head-mounted glasses provide 2x magnification and can be adjusted so that each eye lens can be focused separately [±3 dioptres].

Eschenbach MaxEvent Binocular Glasses

Eschenbach MaxEvent Binocular Glasses

Supplied with attachable temple ends which prevent the spectacles from slipping down the nose.

Also suitable for spectacle wearers as they have right and left dioptre compensation which can be separately adjusted.

Eschenbach MaxTV clip

Eschenbach maxDETAIL Clip

Specially designed for spectacle wearers, the maxDETAIL clip provides a 2x magnification at a 16″ working distance and can be flipped up when not required. 

Whether work or leisure, if hands-free magnification is required.

Eschenbach laboCLIP

Eschenbach laboCLIP

The laboCLIP system can be easily attached to the spectacle frame.

The laboCLIP leaves both hands free for working.

Ideal not just for work tasks but also for leisure and craft activities.

 Classic folding magnifiers

Classic Folding Magnifier (various)

Small, handy and compact.

Fits easily into any handbag or trouser pocket.

Leather case protects the lens from being scratched. Available in many different colours.

Eschenbach Biconvex magnifier X2

Eschenbach Biconvex Magnifier X2

The 2612 Economy Biconvex Hand-held Magnifiers include lightweight PXM® lenses that feature edge-to-edge sharpness.

Anti-static coating.

The handle is composed of transparent PXM® which provides maximum light and shadow-free viewing. 

Handles – The 2612 magnifiers also have an additional 5x pano-convex lens integrated into the handle for viewing even smaller details and a slot for a carrying cord.

Eschenbach Biconvex magnifier X2.5 and X3.25

Eschenbach Visomed Biconvex Magnifier X2.5 and X3.25

The 2614 Visomed series of hand-held magnifiers features low magnification and a large field of view.

Ideal for early intervention for low vision patients needing extra magnification for such daily living tasks as reading small print labels, looking up telephone numbers, or reading the stick pages.

The lightweight PXM® lenses feature edge-to-edge sharpness and have an anti-static coating.

Eschenbach combiPLUS

Eschenbach combiPLUS

Eschenbach folding stand magnifiers, with protective cover.

Hand-held magnifier with fold-out handle. Can be used as a stand magnifier: fold-out metal feet enable the lens to be tilted for a comfortable viewing angle. Particularly scratch-proof lens with high visual comfort. Suitable for reading, writing and handicrafts. Includes protective case.

Stand magnifier with flexible stand

Stand Magnifier with Flexible Stand

Rectangular magnifier with flexible stem.

Weighted circular base.

Fresnel magnifier sheets – various sizes

Fresnel Magnifier Sheets – various sizes

Equip yourself for those simple magnifying tasks at home, work, out and about.  Thin, flat and light so convenient to store.

Ideal for reading documents, looking at menus, checking bills and enlarging small print.

Can be kept in the drawer, car, pocket and in your library book!

Fresnel sheet on stand x1.5

Fresnel Sheet on Stand X1.5

Collapsible hands free magnifying glass with wooden frame, with 3x magnification magnifying lens can be used for reading books and handicrafts.

This wooden page magnifier is light and easy to store.

Reading with full page magnifier gives readers a hands free extra-large surface area.

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