At East Cheshire Eye Society, we offer support through a range of activities, including information about different social activities we host, equipment advice and demonstrations, training, and onward referrals to other organisations.

We were recently approached by a lady who needed a home visit for some help, as she was unable to leave her house and felt she was losing some of her independence. For some time, she had been struggling to read, finding difficulty with the day-to-day tasks around the house that many of us take for granted.

During our home visit with her, we demonstrated how magnifiers are such a simple solution, yet can have a huge impact for a person. We also demonstrated a range of vision aids that can be used around the house which would be a big help for her. These included liquid level indicators which would let her make a cup of tea more safely, talking scales, and talking clocks and watches.

Through further, in-depth conversations, we also figured that she would benefit from a large digital desktop magnifier. After making this suggestion, we arranged for a free, no-obligation home demonstration by one of the suppliers of this type of equipment.

Following the home visit, the lady purchased a digital magnifier and is now using it daily to help her do the things she loves to do – so she can again read her books, newspapers, crosswords and sudokus!

In October 2022, we were able to offer help to 39 individual people; and, because we saw some people more than once, this totalled 65 different contacts.

If you or a loved one feel that you might benefit from our services, please get in touch.

Just email or have a chat with us on 01625 422602.


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