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Every day essentials

Alongside our large range of magnifiers, filter spectacles and anti-glare shields, we also stock many other products to aid people with sight loss conditions.

Non-Spill Mugs

The non-spill mug comes with a suction cup base that makes it difficult to knock over. when used on flat surfaces, the clever base will stay secure an reduce accidental spillages. The product comes with a lid which is removable for drinking. The lid is fitted with a silicone seal to further reduce spillage potential when on the move and for security on surfaces in busy environments and around the home. The mugs are available in white, turquoise and coral.

Bumpons – 10p each

Bumpons are round, raised dome-like stickers. They are easy to peel and stick on various objects around the home or office. They aid in marking particular things, such as settings on an oven or microwave. We sell Bumpons in various, bright colours, enabling you to highlight everyday items effectively.

Cobolt Talking Colour Detector 

Are you finding it difficult to match colours when getting dressed? This device fits easily into the palm of your hand, is easy to use and detects 12 basic colours. By holding over an item of clothing it will speak the colour in a clear male English voice.

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