Laptop screen displaying new website alongside text saying "East Cheshire Eye Society". Keyword: Refreshed brand and website

We have launched a refreshed brand and website. Our brand has been refreshed to support the charity with our mission to increase awareness of sight loss and our core services for members.

Appealing to a variety of audiences

Here at East Cheshire Eye Society we have offered an essential support service to blind and partially sighted people in East Cheshire since 1875. Some of our core services include a full range of equipment and resources, technology and equipment training, emotional support and a range of social activities.

Throughout the process we kept in mind that our new website had to appeal to a variety of audiences: people with sight loss, their family and friends and a range of supporters. The user experience of the website has been a key focus and the site has been tested by people with a visual impairment across devices using a screen reader. Please visit the refreshed website:

Helping people to manage the impact of their sight loss

Alan Chappell, Charity Manager, commented: “It’s been really important to review and improve the way we reach and get our message out to people affected by sight loss across East Cheshire, as well as the many people and organisations that might want to support the important work that we do. We’re always humbled by the feedback we receive, telling us what a difference we’ve made to people’s lives when they’ve been seeking support, information or advice to help them manage the impact of their sight loss. Like many small, local charities, we can only do the work we do with the support of people and organisations from the local area. From volunteering to regular or one-off donations, all the support we receive, large or small, is greatly appreciated by the charity and our members. Your support really does make a difference to people’s lives”.

Get involved and make a difference

East Cheshire Eye Society, is an independent charity that solely relies on funding such as grants, donations, and legacies, to support all of our activities. The charity is run by our board of voluntary trustees, some of whom have a sight impairment themselves.

Our purpose is to enable people affected by sight loss to lead fulfilling lives at work, at home and in the community.

As our fundraising events have been cancelled due to COVID-19, we are asking anyone who would like to offer their support to please donate via the East Cheshire Eye Society Local Giving page:

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