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East Cheshire Eye Society recently set a challenge across social media to increase awareness of the charity. We asked local people to take part in a blindfold challenge on Facebook and LinkedIn and to make a donation to the charity.

The challenge involved, asking a member of your household to blindfold and film you, enter your kitchen and make a cold drink blindfolded, post your video onto social media using #ECESblindfold, donate £4 to https://localgiving.org/donation/eyesociety and nominate 4 other friends to take on the challenge.

Many people who took on the challenge commented how it was a lot harder than they thought and they were disorientated with a blindfold on even in their familiar kitchens. Whilst having a blindfold on is very different to sight loss conditions, we are glad to have provided the general public with an understanding of how losing your sight can impact on day to day activities.

We are encouraging anyone who would like to take part to do so and please don’t forget to mention #ECESblindfold and to donate £4 to https://localgiving.org/donation/eyesociety

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